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How to Repair Your Rusted Gates

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

Wrought iron gates can add a great deal to the appearance of your home. They can offer an additional layer of security and provide increased privacy in addition to defining your boundary in a stylish and attractive way. These are the main reasons why homeowners considering new gate installation look at wrought iron options. However, rust can severely compromise the appearance and function of your residential gate opener. Gates Pacoima recommend that homeowners establish a regular maintenance service routine to ensure their gates can resist harsh weather and varying climates.

Rust appears after the materials have been exposed to constant moisture. You can minimize this risk by repairing any scratches or damage quickly. However, if you have noticed spots of rust, they can be simply and effectively dealt with.

• Remove Rust Spots:

Rust cannot simply be covered by another layer of paint. It must be fully removed to allow the new paint to adhere. This requires some effort and force to scrub the rust spots with a steel brush.

• Smooth the Surface:

In order for the layers of paint and primer to properly adhere, the surface must be smooth. Use a steel scouring pad or sandpaper to rub between railings and into the tight details of the ornamental iron gates. Sand the entire surface to prepare for the paint and wipe away any loose rust or debris with a cloth or rag.

• Apply a Primer:

There are a number of primer products available, so follow the specific instructions for your chosen product. Apply straight after sanding and allow sufficient time for the coat of primer to dry.

• Paint:

You should use a suitable exterior paint which is optimized for use on metal surfaces. Allow the first coat to fully dry before beginning a second coat. Take care to ensure you cover hard to reach areas to protect the surface from rust. Spray or brush application is a matter of personal preference but you may achieve a smoother finish with a spray.

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