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Here you will find helpful answers of experts for questions on gate repairs and door maintenance. Keep reading if you want to know what gates are suitable for your own property, how to deal with small problems and how to change your keypad codes.

How do I know what gate system is best for me?

When choosing the right gate the experts at Gate Repair Pacoima recommend that you should take into consideration the kind of security you would want to have. You should also factor in the overall look you would want to achieve after the installation and how much privacy you would need and want. Convenience of use and the kind of automation is also important factors to consider.

What are the factors to consider before I can have my existing gate automated?

If you want your existing gate to be automated you must consider the material of your existing gate, if it fit for automation. Check the condition of your existing gate, posts and piers if they need to be replaced. Make sure that your existing hinges and mounting brackets are suitable to the changes to be made. Consider also the distance of your gate from the highway.

Why won't my new remote open my gate?

New remotes need to be programmed so that the relay signals to the gate automation system before they can actually start working. Use the manufacturer's instruction to program remotes or alternately you can use the services of our pros at gate repair in Pacoima.

Can I change the opener keypad code?

The point of having a gate opener keypad is to enhance your own safety and that's why changing the codes is certainly a must. In fact, it is recommended that you would change your code to reinforce safety and it's actually very easy to do it.

How do I choose gate sensors?

Entrapment sensing devices ought to be part of your residential gate openers. You don't actually have to choose them but make sure they are inherited parts of the operator. They ought to stop but also reverse the gate with or without contact with an obstruction.

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