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How to Paint your Gates

11/12/2013 Back To Blog

When it comes to good maintenance service, you don't need to be just a good handyman but also follow your instincts, be observant and very creative. The good and safe operation of every gate is the result of frequent repairs and the good maintenance of the material as well. If you find yourself dealing with rotten gate repair, things would be difficult. The repair would be almost impossible and you shouldn't trust completely the strengths and capacities of the gate according to the experts from Gate Repair Pacoima.

Take care of the gate mechanism

Before you devote time for the freshening of the material, you need to check the mechanism, the sliding gate wheels, the opener and all parts of the system. The simplest problem must be fixed because what good will it do to your security if the gate is beautiful but doesn't work! You need to be extra careful with electric gate repair focusing on the good condition of the sensors, making sure the swing gate hinges are strong, lubricating the chain and cleaning well the tracks.

Painting the gate

• First of all, you need to choose a sunny day with no winds because the slightest breeze would destroy the results. Preparation is of high importance because you need to gather high quality equipment making sure that the coat is suitable for the material. You would use a different one for wood and wrought iron gates and, in fact, in the case of wooden ones you would need to purchase a supplementary coat, which would make them more resistant.

• Clean the gate with well water and mild soap and let it dry. If the old painting is peeling off, finish the job using sandpaper and look out for any signs of mold on wood or rust on a steel gate.

• Now it is ready to be painted. Apply the coat for protection first and then proceed with the color making sure the first layer is perfectly dried and clean. You need to be cautious with the tracks and the other parts because it would only take a few drops of painting to block the operation.

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